I run a startup
and I want to raise money with an ICO

Many startup founders intuitively see the opportunity of raising money with an ICO but get lost in the woods when it comes to setting one up themselves. Presale.com alleviates this problem by bringing experts and investors to the table to help startups set up their own ICO. Our upside: investing in your ICO, pre-sale.

I’m an investor / expert
and I want to get some skin in the ICO game.

Many angel investors are highly interested in ICOs, but are reluctant to invest, because of the immaturity of the business and security issues surrounding ICOs. We set out to create a network of angel investors and experts discussing exclusively curated pre-sale picks and ICO opportunities.

The benefits of joining are:

  • 1. You'll receive selected investment opportunities.
  • 2. The more expertise we have, the better due diligence we can do.
  • 3. With more investors joining, our combined buying power becomes larger, resulting in better investment terms.
  • 4. You'll be updated on recent developments in the blockchain space.

We cut through the noise and invest together.

Our network of investors and experts

Christiaan Solcer
Founder Presale.com. Co-founder Tiqets
Marc Wesselink
Serial Entrepreneur, started 12 companies and failed 4 times. Founder TriMix.Fund
Bram Kanstein
Entrepreneurial startup & product expert
Ancilla van de Leest
van de Leest
Privacy and Digital Rights Expert
Marcel van der Heijden
van der Heijden
Founder a friend of mine & investor
Jorg Ruis
Helping companies build an outstanding culture
Niels Vrijhoeven
Proven Brand builder and hands-on creative marketing guy. Former Head of Brand at BUX.
Sabine de Witte
de Witte
Supports crypto-companies with their story-telling
Joris Klinkhamer
Co-Founder CryptoNL community
Bob Schaufele
Co-Founder CryptoNL community and UI/UX expert.
Bas van der Drift
van der Drift
A.I. & Blockchain specialist

Why Presale.com exists.

We believe that blockchain technology is just as revolutionary and immature as the Internet was back in 1995. We’re only at the beginning of what’s to come.

In our opinion, one of the most interesting aspects of blockchain technology is the fact that it enables everyone to float any thinkable asset to the market, thus opening up the world of investment and capitalization to everybody. ICOs are the first materialization of this.

We help mature the ICO industry. We do this by providing expertise and capital to set up ICOs that turn out to become a success for both the ventures and the people who are investing.

Presale.com makes ICOs transparent, trustworthy and accessible for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Presale.com a fund?

No, it's not a fund. Each person decides per deal if they want to invest or not. Preferably the investment is done by each person individually and sent to the company raising the funds.

Can everybody join the network of investors

We're very particular and only select people that can actively add value to the whole group and its future investments.

I never invested in crypto companies. Is Presale.com something for me as well?

Absolutely. We're here to help. We started investing in crypto companies quite a while ago and of course we made mistakes. We don't want you to make the same mistakes and the network is made to educate other investors.

I'm an expert in my field, but don't want to invest. Can I still help?

Absolutely. The more knowledge the better. Your expertise will help in the due diligence of investments and perhaps the startups want to hire you for work as well.

I am startup looking for funding. How can I use the syndicate?

Use our form here and we will contact you asap.

You have amazing experts, can I hire them?

Yes. In our group of experts are also freelancers. Please send an email to info@presale.com with who you want to work with and we'll get back to you.

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